pieces of the weekend.

New phone, yay.  Ate more Rubios' avacado corn fish tacos and a Coca-Cola.  Yum.  Satisfied craving for movie with Mud, and I wonder why I only like Matthew Mcconaughey as a dirty, southern fugitive.  What happened to a good story.  Slept in.  Finally worked out on my work-out ball and looked ridiculous.  Watched way too much Grey's Anatomy and didn't even care.  Laundry, laundry, JCW'S, YUM. Primary lesson.  Played with kitty.  Back to primary lesson.  Ate Flipz, yum.  Gave Drew a mani-pedi.  More Grey's Anatomy.  Rented movie from VUDU.  VUDU makes me angry.  Wrote angry email.  Sleep sleep sleep.  Church.  Parent's house.  Best grilled chicken ever ever.  Sobe mixed with Diet Dew is a revelation, YUM.  Warm bath.  Got a "Very Probable" on a Social Anxiety Disorder test.  Wasn't really surprised.  Pre-sleep snuggles.  Back to the grind.  Clock in 9am.  Feel free to leave your soul at the door.  Welcome to Monday.


  1. flipz are so good. so dang good.
    and it sounds like you had a nice weekend. :)
    welcome to monday :)

  2. I should try Grey's Anatomy. I never got into it before, but I've been searching for a new show to watch in the evenings. Patrick Dempsey is hot anyway so why not.

    I've never taken a social anxiety test but I am positive I would get "Very Probable" as well. Hence why I blog. haha.

  3. at least mondays over now. why can't all weekends be three days. or four..i'm not picky ;)

  4. Well this looks like a pretty great weekend to me! I freaking LOVE that quote. :))

  5. Leave your soul at the door, lol. hahaha
    And you gave your husband a mani-pedi? THE BEST


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