meanwhile, at home...

The kitty missed us.  And apparently decided that tampons are the most fun she could ever have.

There is a small number of people I'm completely content to share a car with for twelve hours.  Luckily, my husband is one of them.  The easiest man in the world to be married to.

Cheers to the season's second road trip.


  1. our puppy loves socks. as soon as you take them off, when i'm folding laundry, heck she'll even go through the laundry herself. i swear there must be a drawerful underneath the bed.

  2. Yay for road trips!! (I am in serious need of one) And yay for tampon eating cats! (I am not in need of one at this moment lol)


  3. mmm...road trips! :)
    and such a funny cat!


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