social norms.

My favorite part of our weekend, other than just sitting at home with my cat and robust, bearded partner was walking out of Big Lots.  Drew and I are just making our way to the car when we hear, "Are you Jesus?!  ARE YOU JESUS??"

We looked around, but couldn't tell where this voice was coming from.

If it was you, I am sorry to say that, no, you did not see Jesus in jeans and a pair of Vans in the parking lot of Big Lots on Saturday.  I suggest you just wait it out until judgment day.


  1. bahahha I love your posts. This was great.

  2. Oh my word this was great.

    Unfortunately, for any potential lesbian lover out there, my husband is just too strapping. Which, according to dictionary.com, means "powerfully built" and "robust."

    LOL. Your blog rocks.


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