the best kind.

We went to the mall.  Can you tell?
There are times that I feel nostalgic for things and reasons that I can't really explain. 

It seems like what life mostly consists of is making plans, and starting over once those plans fall through.  Which they inevitably do.

Scheming. Adjusting. Scheming.  Adjusting.

I'm glad for these ladies.  The way that they build you up and make you laugh and generally care about how they affect others.  I planned on staying best friends with a lot of people.  People who seem to have made their way out of my life in what felt like a single day.

It isn't so much about how long you've known someone, contrary to my past perceptions.  It's about what page you're on, and who's on it with you.

All I can say is it's a relief to know I'm not the one in control.

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