so domestic right now.

You know, sifting, beating, measuring....pre-heating...baking.

Every Christmas, my mother and I spend about six hours in the kitchen, baking all sorts of sweets to deliver to people that we like.

Fudge, molasses cookies, frosted sugar cookies, plum bread covered in sugary buttery glaze.  How can you go wrong?
I came to the realization afterward that I only took pictures of food, and none of my mom and I.  Yeah, I should probably work on taking more pictures of actual humans.  This has always been an issue for me.
Here's an actual-human picture of my mom from earlier that day.
 This year's baking party was a little different than any in the past.  See, usually how this goes down is my mom does the vast majority of the work and I sort of follow her around the kitchen licking spoons and bowls and "testing" various doughs and frostings and such.  But this year, I'm quite proud of myself.  This year, I actually did things.

My mom commented on how domestic I'm becoming.  It made me laugh, but was also quite a relief.  I didn't think I had it in me.

It felt more like Christmas than it has the whole month so far. There was snow falling, music was on, we were dancing and singing, delicious smells were wafting.  And after we listened to "Rockin Around the Christmas Tree"  for the umpteenth time, I was so full of sugar and Holiday Cheer that I had to take a break! 

That was actually because my back hurt.  Standing for too long turns me into an old cripple.

You'd better hope I like you enough to get some of these goodies delivered to your door tonight!  Merry Merry.


  1. Yeah, come leave those at my door tonight. Mmmmk!

  2. Ha ha, it's the same way with my mom and I. I do the "taste testing." Ha a, that made me laugh. Come help me become domestic!


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