little pieces.

It just wouldn't be Christmas time without a few quality cram sessions on cello for the church program.  I'm kind of being sarcastic but kind of not.  It's always pretty awkward and I'm not good at being in front of everyone...doing things.  But there was one year I didn't do a musical number at church for Christmas.  It was odd.  Didn't feel right.

Just..falalalala, you know?

Cello is like the chocolate of the string instruments.  It's rich and dark and delicious.  I'm so glad my dad made me start playing, even when I whined.
We had a sink incident.  Our first one, isn't that so exciting!  At this moment, I had just gotten off the phone with our landlord and snapped at Drew cause I don't do well with listening to more than one person at once. Gives me the anxieties.  I felt pretty dumb for that, and saw how cute he was all manly-husbandish and stuff and had to snap a picture.

Just to make these real-life moments a bit more concrete.

To be fair, the sink didn't get fixed right then and there.  We had to get some help from Drew's dad who had prior experience and extra parts and then the sink got fixed.  Not sure what we'd do without our parents nearby.

We're such babies.

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  1. I can always count on your blog for a laugh! I love the way you write, it's so...you. And I miss you! Also, I love/am super jealous of your serious musical abilities. And you nailed it when you said, "Cello is the chocolate of the string instruments." Brilliant! Wish I could hear you play Christmas music. Post a video!


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