Arrested Dev. and Nice Husbands

Yesterday, I was exhausted.  I felt all day like I had to sneeze, but I couldn't sneeze.  I had a headache.  All of this not sneezing and head-ache-ing had taken its toll on me.

After Drew brought me home from work, I changed into more comfortable clothes and somehow ended up in bed.  Once I laid down, there was no getting back up.  Drew seemed to understand this intuitively, and made me dinner, a delicious grilled italian turkey sandwich.  While I just laid there.  Worthless.

You're probably thinking that I don't deserve such kind treatment, that I should have gotten up and helped make that food.  Well, you're probably right.  The Husband is a rare gem.

After we ate dinner in bed, sweet Husband turned on Arrested Development.  Which we watched.  All. night. long.  From 6 p.m. to about 10:30 p.m. we just laid there, watching the world's more hilarious show.  Where people do this:

And it's so great.

We both feel much better today, and plan on being exponentially more productive for the rest of the week.  Especially since the sneezing and head-ache-ing mentioned above has decided to go torture someone else for now.

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