The Weekend

As seen by my phone.

Again, I am reminded of the fact
that people have patterns

Prove me wrong, I dare you.
Home life.  Sunlight.

Attractive husband.  Dark sky.  Rainbow.

First plant.
This weekend I was especially happy about how big the windows in our apartment are.  That light coming through the blinds is such a lovely sight.  Big windows, must have. 

My obsession with candles was pointed out and joked about.  I didn't mind.  And laughed.  I just love candles.  

Rain, from work.  I went out and played in it for a minute.

 Sunday night dinner was a great way to end the weekend.  With just Me, Drew, my brother Clay and sis-in-law Brit, it turned out to be the most laughing I've done in ages.  I got a head ache and my throat and stomach hurt.  Just from all of that laughing. 
sushi art.

I ate a lot of sushi.  Sweet mercy, such delicious sushi.  Accompanied with 
Coca-Cola.  I've found regular Coke compliments sushi best.

Once again I was reminded that my husband is the most wonderful man in all the land.  He drove me around on Sunday until we found a vending machine so I could get a soda without making anyone else work on Sunday.  It was probably cheating, but whatever.  Then without me even asking, he chose "Parenthood" for us to watch on Netflix, which he doesn't particularly enjoy.  But I love!  I had gotten some bad news and he wanted to make me feel better.  Well, it worked. 

Happy Monday.  30% chance of rain.  Cross your fingers.

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  1. Oh how I love this blog! It literally makes me feel happy! I loved your Fall post. I didn't think I could love that blessed season anymore... And then I read that post! You're just a wizard of words Megan. Love it:)


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