Our Little Dwelling

"If you feel discouraged, and there's a lack of color here, 
Please don't worry, lover; It's really bursting at the seems, 
absorbing everything - The spectrum's A-Z.." -Death Cab for Cutie
Drew and I are home bodies.  Which is fortunate, because our apartment is grand.  It's just the right size, and doesn't make you feel like you live in a cave.  The big windows let the light in all day long.

Occasionally, on a quiet day, you can hear the bells from a nearby church ringing.  It's kind of magical.  Not-quite-so-occasionally, and no matter how loud or quiet things may be, you can hear sirens blaring from the Police station, which is also nearby.

The alleyway on the side of our house provides for some good spying.  We suspect that our neighbor just might be having a scandalous affair with a married woman.  But you didn't hear that from me.  And it probably isn't true. 
Most people have some trouble finding the place.  Not because it's particularly difficult to find, quite the contrary.  But it just doesn't look like anyone lives here.

It's on a street with a post office, bar, convenience store, boutique, spa, and something else random that may be some type of payroll company or law firm or something boring like that.  The convenience store is my favorite part.  Diet Dew and chocolate are only ever a few hundred feet away. 
This is probably silly.  But one of the reasons I initially fell in love with this place were the arched doorways.  I mean, how charming is that?  I can't say I've ever loved straight lines.
There's just something about being home, don't you find?  Even though we won't live here forever, I find such joy in making this place more our own.  Making it feel as much like a home as we can while we're here.
And so I do funny girl things like hang twinkle lights and light candles daily and demand that Drew paints the mailbox and hangs up pictures and clocks.

We fill it up with good thoughts and good books and prayers and apologies and what good memories we've made thus far. Things, just little things, that say, we live here.  That this little space, is our little space.  The only little space in this world we can claim.
So why not love it?

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