fickle freebies.

You're holding it out for me to clearly see.
But there's still something that exclaims --
It must be branded into my psyche --
"Don't trust it.  Don't take it.  Nothing this good comes freely."
Nothing good is ever free.

Because good things take time, and work.
That's right, they take bruises.
Good things hurt.

Good things are flighty.
They're always on to the next.
Good things are slippery.
They leave you vacant and lonely and sorely vexed.
They're common pests.

Because my skeptical philosophy
leaves no room for this rose-colored mockery.
My dubious mind
makes no space for your blind naivety.

No matter what I'm missing
and no matter what I've lost.
I'll pass up any opportunity
to avoid the cost.

Because I'm too cautious
to acknowledge a good thing.
And while I was biding my skeptical time,
it's quite possible I may have missed everything.

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