Three words:

Not "I love you," though I feel that way about everyone there.  The three words are: Friday night bowling!

This is where a group of the coolest people I know bowl.  From 9:30pm-12:30am.  Then we go to IHOP afterwards and make ourselves ill.  But it's Friday!  And you gotta get down on Friday.

 I've decided Monday through Wednesday are my days to get things done. The past few months have overwhelmed me with trying to make time for everything. There's Thursday, which is Institute with my Other. Then we've got Friday, where I got to the temple with my Other and then we all go bowling. Then there's Saturday, where I sleep it off and run errands and clean things and such. Then Sunday. Oh, blessed Sunday. Recharge! Then, as Kenzy said, "Monday....wait until Thursday!" Life is possible. I just need everyone to know.

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