I struggle to determine
whether the days are coming and going by
any faster or slower.
So I imagine it's really just the same.
Nothing remains.  But nothing's changed.
You said that nothing came out of your mouth.
You just averted your eyes.
While I counted the days coming and going by.
Any attempt to deceive,
It's still a lie.

I spend my time wishing
with my swollen heart
that there was even one thing I could do
just to keep you
from laying down alone
for the rest of your life.
To keep your heart from getting so cold.

It feels wrong for mine to be burning for so much.

It isn't as if we're all looking above,
spending our days with the hope that
one day we'll all be brought back together in love,
In that better, higher place.

We have the option whenever we choose.
It's just that we shredded the contract
having anything to do
with evers or afters.

My mind refuses to stray from a picture of you
moving so quietly through that old house.
But I'm still your daughter.
And I hope I'm making you proud.
I'm still your daughter.
So I want to make you proud.
I'll miss you then, just how I miss you now.

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