I haven't seen your face in what might as well be years.
But, dear recollection, you're everywhere.
You're as good as tangible.

We climb these great heights
just to get a little perspective.
We hold someone up
when they're weak or rejected.
I like to see the bigger picture
like I like to live in this house way up on a hill.
I'd be glad to hold you up,
yeah, I'd say it's a good mixture.
I'd hold you up if you would just stay still.

And I wonder at the genius of the sky,
the way it resembles that body of water underneath.
Or maybe it's the ocean that mimics the heavens above;
I can't say it ever mattered to me.

But if you were here first,
then it's yours,
of course.

If you were here before me,
by all means,
ignore me.

You were here in the first place,
So watch me serve it to you on a silver plate.

You were here first,
so take it,
it's yours.
Of course.

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