the general feeling.

Where did you go?  It's nothing but a whisper, as if passing by is a memory of a former life.  Against all odds, I feel that warmth, I remember that light that was let in.  I'm dreaming.  But still I feel my feet pounding on the pavement below.  It's just that I can't quite grip it or comprehend that stability beneath me, nothing that surrounds seems quite tangible.  So do I dare reach?  It all seems to come back to the same original thought.  Blurring, spinning, fleeting scenery.  All of these faces passing by.  

Now I'm that person everyone sees as the one that needs a smile, in order to make that mandatory collision just a little more personal.  

Maybe they're right.  But all it really does is remind me that my face still isn't shining quite as bright as theirs.  

If you don't like your relationship with the answering machine, I suggest you stop calling.  But what state would I be left in without any kind of reminder of this supposed outside world.  I guess it's just that those smiles seem so inappropriate.  In context.  The only thing I've learned so far is that I'll never learn.  So, where did you go?

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