"don't adore what is impossible."

Maybe this is all we get.  Spending time staring with your eyes.  Maybe into someone else's.  It could be enough time to memorize the pattern of color that blends into the light that shatters out.  And has some affect on you and the world that surrounds. That you just can't understand.  But you keep trying.  Because it leaves you feeling like there's something a little more tangible to it all.  Because there has to be an escape from all of this struggling to stay standing.  And maybe they're the answer.  Despite all of your doubts and solid logic that say otherwise.  Maybe you have their laugh lines memorized.  And maybe you love them.  Maybe you say it out loud.  And maybe they even reciprocate, but it doesn't really matter.  Maybe it's just the idea that if you both decided to start something together, that everything else would end.

And maybe you just can't handle that.

Maybe I need just a little more explanation.
A little more than what I've been given.
Setting aside the fact that it's everything I have.

I have doubt.

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