Polar Express

You start spending time together, and everyone starts asking if you're a couple. You become a couple and everyone starts asking when you're getting married. You get married and everyone starts asking when you're having a baby.

I have a sneaking suspicion we do silly things like playing pretend that Heber, Utah is the North Pole as much for ourselves as we do for the kids. Because kids are magical creatures. (If you look past all of the tantrums and the poop.) They carry it in spades. (Both magic and poop.) And I can't help but to think at least part of the reason we humans keep bringing them into the world is because we need magic in our lives. We just do.


  1. Your baby turns one and people start asking you when you're going to have another. But boy do they make Christmas and life magical!

  2. I think what makes this post so beautiful for the holidays is the amount of happiness and love found with each expression in the photos. These were beautifully captured.

  3. Mmm, you're so right. They are so magical! I've been thinking about kids myself lately. They just have such a wonderful view of the world. These photos are gorgeous. :)

  4. Meg. Those last two lines gave me goosebumps. There is so much truth in them.


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