Documenting with photos has given me a desire to see and to live, more so than I used to have. I've always been content and happy with staying home. With blankets and with books, candles, and mug after mug of mint tea. I like being alone, in my own space. My thoughts free to travel at their own pace. The silence wraps me in warmth, like an old friend.

It wasn't that I was afraid. Well, not always. I'm capable of enjoying myself and connecting with others, being out and being seen. But oftentimes, when I am "out," I struggle to find my role or place in it all. I have a difficult time with feeling like I belong anywhere. I compulsively wonder what people think of me, what to say, if I'm being rude, if I sound stupid, if I smell weird, silently plotting ways I could sneak out without anyone noticing. 

When I go some place beautiful, I get overwhelmed with it. With the wind through the trees and the way the light bathes everything I see in that sleepy golden splendor. How could I ever capture or comprehend such things? How could anything I do ever compare? And somehow, all of that beauty - It makes me sad. It makes me sad because of my complete inability to see and feel and express it all. This probably makes no sense, but regardless, it is how I feel. I guess because they make me want to create my own beautiful things, like a child mimics a parent, of which I felt completely adept. Because, you see, I could never do them justice.

But with a camera in my hands, I am alive with purpose. My brain buzzes with possibilities. I race to capture the light - caught in my lense like bottled scent. I get right up close to someone's face, and it's a new dynamic because for once, they're the one who's uncomfortable. But I am confident. Because I get to show them the magic in the way the sun and shadows were just barely dancing on their cheeks, unbeknownst to them. The light echoing silently from their eyes. I get to show them that they are one of these beautiful things. 

I hesitate to call what I do "photography," because I hesitate to call myself a "photographer." That somehow feels pretentious and a bit ambitious for my current level of skill - which is somewhere between, "Wait, what?," and, "These aren't...horrible." There are a million others out there with a passion for photos who do it a hell of a lot better than I do. But that isn't really the point. 

I must admit and acknowledge that this particular medium has given me a drive and curiosity for experience and exploration that I've never had before. And, I guess what I'm saying is, I'm anxious to see where it leads.

*Models: Some dear friends of ours. The lovely female with the mystical gypsy hair is Holly, who is the reason I even dared venture into this medium. Aren't they fetching?


  1. these pictures and these words make me SOOOO excited to hang out with you, and to have you photograph us!!

  2. I just discovered your blog recently, but your photos are what drew me in at first. There's something so amazing with the way you captured those magical moments in nature, and it is as you said, showing the viewer that perspective or angle from which you saw something beautiful and were able to capture it with a photograph. Don't worry about what others think, go with the flow of your passion and even though you said you feel you don't so it justice... you do, you are already doing it. These photos are lovely, I like the way the sunshine filters through her hair and the expression on his face, how he has that look of being lost in a faraway thought.

  3. You got skillllllls. I wish you could take some pics for me for a happy holidays card! Because I like the way you do things...and I like you. And what you said about being the person behind the camera being uncomfortable is truth. So I'm going to end up having some crap picture instead haha or a pic of us in head to toe denim which maybe will confuse people or they'll be distracted by your talent and won't even notice our unique wardrobe.


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