that man of mine.

He can only turn up the volume in his car in intervals of ten or to numbers that end in three. He gets very upset if you untie his shoe laces, as he has unquestionably spent a considerable amount of time fussing with them to ensure they're tied evenly. He prefers bread and cheese to any dessert, which I will never in my life understand. If he must, he likes his dessert tart and preferably including citrus. He says he "doesn't like sweets," but will occasionally accept a bit of the Ben & Jerrie's I'm constantly eating next to him in bed. (To assist me in feeling less gluttonous? Wouldn't put it past him.) He is a much better dresser than me. I am no longer able to properly pick an outfit, shop, or pack for a trip without him - Not because he won't allow me to, but because I've learned by now how badly these things turn out without his involvement. He thinks going to the dollar movies is gross. He sings to himself in a number of impressive accents. He cringes at the sight of chewed gum. He could look on the bright side even from the depths of the world's deepest chasm. He is very tidy, much more so than I am and one of the conditions of our marital union was that I learn to put my clothes away instead of keeping them in a pile on the floor (still haven't quite mastered that yet). (My condition was that he never own a motorcycle, so.) Sometimes I'm pretty sure he was Bob Marley in another life. He has an unexplainable affinity to Reggae, and loves to sing it at me, loudly, seeing as I hate Reggae and it irritates me every time. He sometimes enjoys irritating me, as all spouses do. He is the most socially healthy person I've ever known, which I find both impressive and perplexing all in one. He has friends who like Jack Daniel's and prefer death metal. He has friends who like Jackie Robinson and prefer hip hop. I was suspicious of them at first. Drew, who are all of these people? I need to learn all of their names? Why do they smile so much? He spontaneously brings home Little Richard vinyls and will forever be way cooler than me. All this to say, I love having someone to make a study of for the rest of my life.


  1. love love love! also, i do the EXACT same thing with the freaking volume! i am not alone!

  2. Drew and I have a scaryily similar taste in foods. Bread and Cheese always wins over sweets. Tart, preferably citrus desserts are the best, but I will accept small dosages of Ben + Jerry's once in awhile.


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