here, now.

I sincerely wish I understood myself. But maybe the reality is there is nothing to be understood? That I just am, like everything else is, and I'm wasting my time in my efforts to comprehend it.

Labels are helpful when selecting herbs and spices from your cupboard whilst conjuring up baked goods and family feasts. But for people? Something as perfect and imperfect and complicated and unpredictable as a human being. Labels don't seem to have the same clarifying effect.

PS- Thanks to everyone who followed me when I "moved" this blog. I've decided to stay here anyhow. 


  1. These photos are beautiful. It amazes me how you freeze moments into such gorgeous photographs.

  2. I always love reading your blogs. I think of them like slices of light on a plate, and I never leave still-hungry.

    1. Well that's the nicest thing I've heard lately. Thank you so much, Cheryl :)

  3. love these pictures! <3


  4. i look at your pictures and just FEEL.

  5. Oh these photos. And I'm glad to see you stay here too, although I'll of course visit your other home.

  6. Ugh yes. I so badly want to understand myself and be able to take personality tests and have the answer be accurate and stay the same. but they never stay the same. i feel like i can't fit any of the labels or the boxes, and am always the unusual case. which, maybe is good sometimes. but then i feel like i'm just floating around. all i want is common ground with people. i think thats the thing i like best about your blog. you and i are a lot different, but i feel like we have so much common ground. your writing gets me. and i don't get those feelings much. but i like them.


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