meaning this is what has been boiling in my brain lately.

I've had several discussions lately, too many discussions, with extraordinary people who choose not to share themselves - their thoughts or creations - because they're worried about the reaction of someone else.  They might think I post too many pictures of myself.  They might think I don't post enough pictures of myself.  They might not like it.  They might not get it.

The fact is, most people have horrible taste.

And what I mean by that is, people like seeing what they expect to see.  They like hearing what they expect to hear.  I was listening to an interview lately from a favorite musician, and he talked about the concept of repetition.  The radio plays the same songs three times per hour, so we all know every word even if we don't want to.  It's like catchy, inescapable pollution, or the hum of the freeway you hear at all times but don't even notice anymore.

After a while, you end up liking it simply because you know it - you're familiar with it.  If I know this so well, that must mean I like it.  Right?  I mean, if I didn't like it, why would I know it?  I like this.  No, I love this!  Anything that isn't this sucks!

The fact is, originality is merely a bi-product of sincerity.

The fact is, the things I'm most proud of  - the things that took the most work - get the least amount of approval, comments or likes.  But I'm refusing to allow someone else's ability to get it or lack of willingness to maybe think about it get in the way of sharing my sincere expression, my sincere perspective.  And we could all learn something from Punchinello by saying forget all of your and your stupid dots and stars.  Your thoughts have worth; they're apart of you.

And anyway, life isn't about knowing what you're doing so much as it is just doing.


  1. MEG!!!! I am saving this forever. I love this. So often I find myself not starting or finishing something because i (or someone else) won't think it's good. Or it's not perfect. You are so right that DOING is what counts. How else can we expect to get better at that task or be better people?

  2. I feeeeel this so much. There are some things I've posted on my blog or poems I've submitted in school or whatever that don't get the attention I think they deserve and then the ones I care about least get noticed. No, please try again audience. Let me control how i work you. But that's not the world. I don't and shouldn't be writing to get praise or attention. I should be writing because I need it like blood and air.

    This was great to read. i needed this today.

  3. OMG OMG OMG. i'm keeping this bookmarked and returning here often until kingdom come. what even the heck. pardon my french. sort of. i also mean it. these images, these words. it sounds super cliche but i needed.

  4. Now this is thoughtfulness, a very nice thing to keep in mind when you're stifling yourself just because you don't think whatever you wanna create will get enough attention. What a silly silly thing to do when you've only got so many years to make use of on Earth! (Beautiful shot of the sky, the fourth picture, by the way. Swoon.)


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