i saw lightning. that is, with my ears. all this to say I heard thunder.

I love the rain, not because is makes me happy.  I love the rain because it doesn't expect me to be.

It's like that old friend who knows you're more a misfit than a miss and only loves you more for it.  Is it bad to start and end a sentence with "it?"

I've come to realize that life is all about balance.  A balance which I am completely unable to find, in every aspect.  There are tiny moments where I feel like I have a breakthrough, where all of my spinning plates are up at once and for one glorious millisecond, I'm actually who I think I'm meant to be.  

The trouble is, they always come crashing immediately down and it takes a significant amount of time to clean up all of the damage and save enough money to then buy more plates.  I realize this turned out to be a very weak metaphor.

It's just, risks.  You're supposed to take them so you don't have any regrets.  But what if I take a risk that I end up regretting?  


This was way too damn many pictures of blossoms and I apologize.

Enjoying lately:


  1. false. there are not enough pictures of blossoms! soo beautiful!

  2. There are not too many pictures Meg... and I know what you mean... no one is perfect and has it all together... we just keep working at it, being our best selves... xox

    I think the same thing about taking risks so I don't regret it but some of them I have regretted taking them... ..

  3. This reads like a prose-poem, or a song. It's beautiful.

    It made me smile that you talk of risks and then show photos of blossoms, it made me think of Anais Nin and that famous quote, I can't remember the words exactly, I hope you know the one.


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