arson, I guess.

I've decided I'm not an introvert.  As it turns out, I just dislike an inordinate amount of people.

Also, my entire existence can be summed in an image of me perched on the precipice of "Life isn't so bad!" and "Let's burn this all to the ground."


  1. i laughed out loud when i read that first line. a big part of my introversion has to do with that as well.

  2. and that last line sums up my entire existence as well LOL WHY IS THAT SO TRUE

    1. also just wondering if you have instagram ok i'll go away now sorry bye

    2. I'm glad someone feels the same haha it's quite maddening! Also, yes! My username is _megbird_

      Find me so I can find you!

  3. This is so true for me lately. I think I've just had way too many shitty people in my life to really figure out how much I like being with people.

  4. Hahahaha. People are the worst. Well, just most people.


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