there's a party in my mind and no one is invited

Space around me where my soul can breathe
I've got body that my mind can leave
Nothing else matters, I don't care what I miss
Company's okay
Solitude is bliss 

-Tame Impala


  1. Meg this is beautifully written... wonderfully said xox

    I wanted to wish you a very Happy New Year... I hope it is a great one <3

  2. why are your shots always so amazing i can't even handle it.
    "company's okay
    solitude is bliss."


  3. I'm so in love with these pictures! The lighting, the texture of the drapes against your soft but strong figure. You take the solitude and use that time to grow. I see it and feel it. It's not wasted time. It's learning about yourself, by gaining a deeper understanding of who you can and are becoming.


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