I hate feeling naive, but even more I hate who I need to be in order to avoid it.

I made a mistake at work today.  My boss was away from her desk and I wasn't sure how to manage an issue, so I just guessed.  When said boss came back, I casually asked her how to handle this situation, hypothetically, of course.  And she told me to do the exact opposite of what I had just done.

So, naturally I silently panicked in my cubicle.  I started thinking of ways I might be able to cover up the mistake.  All were stupid, and also lying, which is bad, plus I'm horrible at it.

I stood up, went into the office of said boss and confessed.  It was no big deal.  All was forgiven and I was thanked for being upfront about it.

Moral of the story is be honest about how big of an idiot you are.  People won't care as much as you anticipate.
Also, I swear this sandwich had actual meat on it.  Not even I can survive off of just cucumbers.  And if we never got that panini maker as a wedding gift, pretty sure we'd go without dinner 80% of the time.


  1. yes!! we have a panini maker and i keep forgetting we have it!!! thanks for reminding me. sandwiches for everybody!!

  2. I need to get one of these. That sandwich looks so dang good.
    (p.s. swell blog.)


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