survival tactics.

As soon as I realized that I had already in my possession the ability and the right to decide what defined me. That betraying my own self only resulted in a maddening impulse to justify my actions, day after day. When I discovered I had the option of rising above words, opinions, circumstances instead of giving in, allowing them to envelop me, losing track of my identity -

That was when I stopped simply surviving, and began to thrive.

That was the moment I ceased to play the part of a victim in my own life.


  1. Such an important lesson to learn. One, sadly, I am still figuring out. One day I will get there.

    1. I think that it's a life long process, figuring this out. Sometimes we do really well with it, and other times we fall back into old habits. What I'm trying to say is, you're definitely not alone!

  2. So good, Meg. Once you reach that realization, it's so much easier to grow. We'll get there one day. <3

  3. I am still struggling with this right now.

  4. great idea--and so true. this is such a hard concept to understand and apply, but so rewarding.


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