it's like a dream outside.

The waywardness of an April breeze; which spends its time in airy sport, and has its gusts of inexplicable passion, and is petulant in its best of moods, and chills oftener than caresses you, when you take it to your bosom; in requital of which misdemeanours, it will sometimes, of its own vague purpose, kiss your cheek with a kind of doubtful tenderness, and play gently with your hair, and then begone about its other idle business, leaving a dreamy pleasure at your heart. | Nathaniel Hawthorne


  1. You would be attracted to this quote. Attracted, wrong word. But this is so Megan, with all of it's adjectives and uniqueness! Love it.

  2. ah yes, this describes what is just out my open window this moment.

  3. It has been the most perfect April. Thank the HIGH HEAVENS for these 70s. And my very very white legs. Oof.

  4. So pretty. Part of what I love about April is its fickleness - teasing us with blue skies and fresh breezes one moment and then rainclouds and a mizzling rain the next. Makes you appreciate the pretty Spring ones when they come! x

  5. that is insanely perfect. wow.


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