dinner time.

There are few moments I feel more like apart of a family than I do when we're all sitting down at a table together. (Though, to be fair, we're still missing a few here.) I'm starting to appreciate the different aspects of relationships that are brought out with family members as you grow up. Watching your siblings get married, raise their babies. Enjoying getting to know your parents as actual individuals - with pasts and opinions and so much to teach you. And the way your spouse fits so nicely into it all.

I was irked by the presence of the garbage can in the top right corner. Seriously irked. "Why didn't I see that? Why didn't I move it?" But that's sort of family, isn't it? It's never perfect. How could it be? There is always something you should have said or something you could have apologized for in a more timely manner. But you learn to own the flaws as well as the virtues, and to appreciate it as a whole. As a picture of your life.


  1. I like this. Somedays I miss the way my family was when we were younger and all together under one roof, but at the same time I woudlnt trade my husband or in laws, or nieces and nephews anyday. It is nice to see changes.

  2. I like that family in those pictures.


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