"Love don't mean nothing unless there's something worth fighting for.  

It's a beautiful war."    -Kings of Leon

I just really enjoy photo booths.  Even though they often make me feel as if I have no personality.  Because all I do once I get in there is panic and say, "Wait, what do we do?  What do we do??"  Board games create a similar effect.  Also ordering at a coffee shop.  I don't drink coffee, because Mormon, so it's a unique and humiliating experience each and every time.  "Hi, um, I just want the, uh, small ....peppermint hot cocoa?"  I always say it as like it's a question because I have difficulty being assertive.  Obviously, they know I'm a total n00b right away because I can never remember which size out of demi, short, tall, grande or venti means small in Starbucks language.  Is not clear that I have no idea what I'm doing?  People are starting to stare.  And then there's the fact that I'm in a coffee shop not even ordering actual coffee.  Just take my money and let me go home.


  1. I seriously panic at coffee shops. I just don't like coffee, and so I feel like they can see right through my chocolatey-whipcream lies.

  2. i totally know what you mean about the not knowing the weird sizes. i have just completely given up, and say small, medium, or large. they always correct me. IT'S A SMALL, DANGIT!

  3. hahaha. yes!! i'm good with board games, but coffee shops unnerve me! that's why i never go in to them alone, and i always get one the person with me got. even if it doesn't sound great. and most of the time i just make them order for me anyway. :p

  4. drive thrus were made for people like us. the humiliation is contained to me and the voice coming out of the box.

  5. I also have trouble ordering at a coffee shop because I never know what all the drinks are or the sizes. and I start to panic. So now I just order exactly what my sister gets ha!


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