hell of a season.

Winter requires a certain bravery.  It requires ammunition.

Summer, on the other hand, flurries by without effort, without a fuss.  The music I tend to gravitate toward during that season is light.  Pastel.  Carefree.  Like elegant cursive letters sprawled out over paper.

In the Winter, this simply will not do.  I need substance.  I need a song to set off my mental fuses, to reach out and pull me from the haze.  Drum clarity into my brain.  Pound out the temptation to fall into hibernation.  I need something that drives me forward.  That gives me a reason to even stir instead of settle like debris in still water.


  1. I think we're the same.

    During the summer my clothes are colorful, light flowy. I don't wear makeup and I let my hair do it's own thing. My music is fun and upbeat and being happy is easy.

    During the winter my clothes get darker and I hide under layers. I wear makeup and my hairstyle just changes. Music is sad or something with a beat to let me know I'm still alive. And being happy becomes a choice. Not always one I'm able to make.

  2. Same. Winter is my Mumford and Sons/ Death Cab for Cutie/ Joshua Radin happy place. I listen to these guys all the time but winter is their time to shine. I stay huddled in bed and soak up their lyrics.

    Tightrope to the Sun

  3. The days of winter always seem dark to me, shut up in the house, I start going a little stir crazy inside. Writing is one of few outlets for that madness, and it's not all bad so good things do come of it. :)

  4. I don't know how I'm going to get through this winter.xx

    dreaming is believing

  5. Winter is hard. But really, I love November and December because of the holidays and how people are usually cheerful, but after that, it just gets crappy. I think I'm going to start making up my own holidays after January to cheer myself up.

    But I've realized lately that I am a mega-homebody and being home can be so fun if you make it.

  6. I know exactly what you mean.. I used to be such a hermit during winter..I never went out to parties or a single thing...it always seems too cold to go out, I'm always too sleepy to leave my warm bed; I'd rather snuggle in the couch in front of the chimney with a cup of hot chocolate than glam up for that new year's eve party at a big night club... I choose kahlua over wine, I smoke more than I should, I watch entire seasons on DVD in matter of hours... I turn into such a different creature... turned to, that is..because like I said on the beginning, I used to be like that... until a year ago, when I moved to the Caribbean.. I ran away from winter..I can't stand the cold anymore... I want summer all year long...and so here I am..almost December and wearing flip flops and sun dresses. I'm no bear in hibernation anymore.
    Great post.


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