home owners.

"The world is full of love that goes unspoken.  This doesn't mean that it is felt less deeply or that separation leaves a clean wound.  Its beauty and its pain are in its silence." -ctm
Last week, our furnace broke.  Which is obviously awesome.  Our house is 114 years old, and I love that, but you'd be surprised how much warmer houses have become in the past century!  Or maybe you aren't surprised.  Because a lot can happen in 114 years.  Things like insulation.  My point is, if living without a furnace ever was an option for anyone, those people aren't us.

But it's no big deal, because it only costs a couple grand to replace one of those, and that's chump change for us wealthy people.

What I mean by that is, if we were wealthy people, it would probably be chump change.  In our case, it's actually a lot of money.

But, as my dad would say, "It's just money!"  Right?

Oddly enough, the older I get, the less funny that statement seems to become.


  1. I dont have this EXACT situaion, but I hear ya with the whole NO MONEY THING. My camera broke, and my husbands brand new smart phone got smashed, and we just cant afford to fix them. Maybe not as important as being heated, but it stillll suckkss.

  2. that is the worst statement in all the land. not funny. haha sorry about this lady :/ i'm happy you got it fixed though. now you will be nice and toasty for winter!

  3. Love those pictures.
    Sorry to hear about the furnace! I'm not home owner, but I do feel some of your pain, last winter our furnace broke. Not fun at all.

  4. Burrrr. Hope you got that fixed! Or can get it fixed soon...

  5. that sucks. a lot. I do love the quote in this post, though!


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