Have you ever held a bunny?  I used to live next door to a farm when I was about five years old.  They had bunnies. I was fascinated with them.  I liked these bunnies to such a major degree that I ventured over to see them one day without telling my mother.  She must have gotten real concerned, because by the time I got back to our house there were police cars in the drive way.  She had called them to come and search for me.  I remember her hugging me and crying and telling me to "never ever go away without telling her again!"  Even if it was just to go hold the bunnies.

Bunnies are nervous creatures, to say the least.  When a bunny is handed to you, they are always kicking and squirming around with their little hearts beating faster than hummingbird wings, trying their hardest to get away.  In order to get them to calm down, you have to make them be still.  This can be a challenge. You have to get them in your arms and hold them real snug until they finally stop fighting.  That's when they quit their kicking and resisting and you can touch their soft ears and feel their heart beat gradually slow down.

This is how I see you and me.  I was like one of those nervous bunnies, and you had to get a good, firm hold of me and not let me go before I finally settled down long enough to realize that you had a hold on a whole lot more than just my resistant limbs.  You had a hold on my heart.

Happy birthday to my sweet, sweet man.  Thanks for making me sit still.


  1. gah. this is so sweet and adorable. ^_^

  2. meg i love love love how you wrote this. happy birthday to your husband.

  3. Everything about this is adorable! I love it!

  4. This is beautiful. You have a gift for wording things that few people even notice in the world. =) I love reading your posts. Happy happy. I hope he blew out candles. I think candles are an integral part of feeling special on one's day of birth.

  5. You are an incredible writer! This is so sweet.

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