pieces of the weekend.

"you know, a lot can happen after everybody falls asleep.  ask the forest fire, ask the cop walking down the street." 
"and do right by them - work a little in your dreams.  don't let time rob you - hold onto your memories." -C.O.

I woke up at some point last night feeling uneasy.  It was considerably windy, windows rattling, floors creaking.  In my half-conscious state, I felt positive that there was someone in our apartment, there to raid it and kill us in our sleep.  I lay completely still, paralyzed with absolutely unnecessary and irrational fear.  It seemed brighter in our room than usual, but I couldn't figure out why.  I decided to say a prayer, asking that I would be able to calm down and get back to sleep.

And sleep I did.  I had a dream that Drew and I got up and searched our apartment for what was making these noises (because wind is simply not a good enough answer in my dreams).  After we had looked almost everywhere, I checked in a corner behind our couch.  I found a dog.  A steely gray, bad-tempered dog.  I opened our front door to pouring rain outside and yelled at the dog to get out!  It showed me its teeth, and I yelled louder. 

The dog finally gave up and ran out the door.  And with it, it seems, went all of my bad dreams and anxiety for the night.

Who even knows.  Dreams make no sense. 


  1. I absolutely like that first picture of the paper snowflake.

  2. Freaky.
    I hate dreams that play off of real life events.

  3. Weird! Dreams never make sense, and i kinda like that. I recently had a dream that I was running away from monsters with the Doctor, and even thought I woke up freaking out, it was an awesome dream, because the Doctor was there! hehe ;)
    That pic of you playing the guitar is epic, really. you're beautiful!

  4. Your hair is so rad.

  5. i seriously loveeeeee your hair! it's to die for!


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