Sometimes I get bitter.  High cheek bones, flawless olive skin, perfectly shaped eye brows that never need plucked, long eyelashes, thick, luscious, naturally wavy hair.  This much is considered typical in the Mulvey family. 

And I just think that it's completely unfair that his family has all of the good genes while I sit here with my impossibly white, acne-proned skin, fine hair, mediocre-length eye lashes and high-maintenance eye brows. 

But then I remember that I married this guy, so I get to look at him all of the time.  And he's going to make our children pretty, so I should stop complaining.

PS- Love you, Mom and Dad!  It's not your fault that you're so white.


  1. hahaha you are BOTH beautiful people. And yes your children will be so pretty/handsome.

  2. haha you kiddin me. your kiddos are gonna be so beautiful.
    but i totally get ya...white acne prone skin and a mess of hair over here. but j has flawless skin and beautiful shiny hair. bleh. ;)

  3. ugh. ya'll are both absolute gorgeous people and your children will be heartbreakers i'm sure ;) but i get this. it always seems the boys get everything easier. my brother, i say he stole all the good genes and gave the rest of us the leftovers. his eyebrows, perfectly shaped, his eyelashes so *so* thick, his nose straight and not lopsided like mine, he got the high cheekbones that neither of my parents have and a jawbone that's the object of my envy. however i did get the darker, less oily skin. haha dude i just rambled. you'll have to forgive me ;)

    and thank you for all your sweet comments on my blog. you have zero idea how much they mean. xx

  4. you are absolutely gorgeous and your little kiddos will be just as pretty, i'm sure of it!

    ps. i love love love love love love love x infinity the picture of you two on the right. ahhh <3

  5. Yeah, there is no doubt your kids will be beautiful. I've always thought you were so naturally beautiful, Megan!
    P.s. didn't know you and my sis in law know each other?! Let's all hang!

  6. "And he's going to make our children pretty, so I should stop complaining."

    I'm dying over here hahaha. You have mastered the art of writing tragically hilarious posts. And I love you for that!

  7. Ha ha you kill me! You're a freaking beaut if I've ever seen one. But I cant wait to see the gorgeous Kids you produce:)

  8. ha.
    love it.

    and I feel this way too. my husband is so pretty I just pray our future children get his shiny dark hair and not my straw-like stuff ;)

  9. haha! dude, you're hilarious.
    also, i've always kinda considered you're eyebrows fantastic.. :)
    i'm so glad my dad's not white..


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