excessive usage of the word "tired"

The funny thing about people today is that they're against the very ideas that give them the right to be against any idea in the first place.

This week, I'm tired of my words hitting the ground with an almost-audible "thump."

This week, I'm not talking much or really opening my mouth unless necessary.  Except for when this happens:
This is my husband, wearing my favorite hideous puppy thrift store find night gown.  He just came out in it last night.  And for snorts and giggles, let's just pretend that he's in the middle of saying, "Let me explain.."

But I'm open to caption submissions.

This week, I'm tired of wanting to be nice, only to end up feeling quite rude.  And it's only Tuesday.


  1. Drew!!!!!!! Hahahah that's glorious. I love that puppy nightgown. I do hope you obtain something awesome to make the tired week better.

  2. Girl, you really are hilarious. I can totally relate to everything you said. My husband is like, "THE MOST SOCIAL PERSON IN THE WORLD." And I am very much the opposite. So we have lots of fun arguments about the matter, but I feel very similar to you with this post.

  3. That is a goooood picture.

    And you know, I don't really ever over-analyze. But I think that gets me in just as much trouble as the people who do.

    lose, lose.


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