I wasn't sure what to do with myself last night.  My dental class ended Wednesday, but my brain keeps telling me I still have homework.  It's ridiculous.  All I've wanted for the past three months was free time, and now that I have it I don't know how to handle it.

After Drew and I had brushed our teeth, said our prayers, turned out the lights, and curled up under the covers, my mind was racing.  It seemed like every time poor Drew would be right on the edge of sleeping, I piped in with another silly and pointless thought.  Of all the silly and pointless things to say, it was this:

"I wish you could have been at my twentieth birthday party."

He sighs, but to humor me asks, "Do you?"

"Yeah, it was so much fun.  Maddie cleared out her front room for dancing and we decorated it like a beach party because I hate winter.  And there was tons of good food.  You should have been there."

I see him wrinkle his forehead, clearly wishing I would just stop talking and let him sleep.  But he's too nice to ignore me, and answers with a, "Sounds like so much fun."

"It really was.  I would have invited you if you weren't in Brazil.  But I also wish I was at your farewell and homecoming for your mission.  So I guess we're even."

He pauses, and says, "I'm just glad you invited me to your wedding."

And I laugh because he has that way of directing things back to what really matters.

Then we slept.  Deep and dreamless.

 I'd like to go back.


  1. Oh I just died laughing.
    It was a fun party though. I mean I didn't really know you but I just had to go.

    1. I actually told Drew about you being there too haha. How you were one of the last people there dancing with me! And about the time you walked up to me at FHE and told me that you thought I was cute, and I literally laughed so hard that I fell on the floor? Yeah. Totally discussed it. And it's still so funny.

  2. I love your husband and we've never even met! Weird statement, I know. You're both just hilarious.

    1. Not weird at all haha I know exactly what you mean. Thanks!

  3. Congrats on passing your Dental Assisting class :) I'm fairly certain I went to the same Dental Assisting school you did and I loved it.

    1. yep! I totally did! I loved it too. I found a dental job a short time after and well...that didn't go according to plan. BUUUT its probably because I'm to stubborn and didn't really give a crap about anything at that time.


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