I did all I could to wake you
But this deep slumber poured out upon you
I see has only taken you farther still.
And this is not where I will find myself
in the open daylight.

Here is the place where
the words have been spoken
and the actions carried out.
Your woolen robes cast off.
Your counterfeit faith compromised.
Where your heart fails you.
Where you come to this realization
that you've sold yourself for naught.

Shaking your crumpled frame,
your head rolled back and forth.
Screaming your given name,
you wouldn't recognize me or its source.

I see your eyes are heavy
I see those ears still sewn shut.
I did what I knew how in order to shake you.
To remind you of what you had learned before.
But this is not where I will find myself,
This can't be where I find myself.

So I shut my doors at night,
they try to get inside.
Yours left wide open,
and I'm afraid to close my eyes.
My dreams, tainted
and I wake up paralyzed.
Can't shut my eyes.
They try to get inside.

I saw no end of this transient being
That I would come to be unable to recognize.
But this dream of a being saw what I hoped could be seen.
For the first time, a constant by my side.

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