No, it isn't enough.
Apologizing for my general existence.
You rule everyone you know,
But I think this relationship is best handled from a distance
Your expectations couldn't be more unclear.

No, it's never enough.
Just a few minutes longer.
My eyes waging a vicious battle against sleep.
Consciousness finding its way out from under me.
This is something I said I couldn't do.
I know I'll hate myself in the morning,
but I still wake up craving you.

When will I have had enough?
Was that you avoiding my eyes on purpose?
At what point did all my actions become counterfeit?
Tell me where my words lost all of their weight with you.

It will never be enough,
this lifestyle you're living.
It's costing you more than you can supply.
And I know you say it's your right to be free.
It's just that I'm watching you distantly,
and although I'm entertained,
I would argue that your choice in the matter
hasn't been sustained.

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  1. I love this hymn. It's one I've really noticed the words lately and I totally relate.


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